Bus Expansion Units for PCI and PCI Express

Bus Expansion Units – Pushing Back the Limits of Legacy Hardware

New technology standards arrive one after another, outdating your system quickly. To extend the lifecycle of legacy hardware and increase ROI, CONTEC offers a range of bus expansion units. Whether you'd like use PCI/PCIe add-ons with your laptop computer, add board slots to your desktop computer, or extend PCI bus cabling up to 12m, there's a CONTEC bus expansion unit for the job.


Restrictions of PC : Your PC must have a PC Card slot conforming to the CardBus PC Card Standard on a PC. This product uses the PCI-to-PCI Bridge to extend the bus. The expansion chasis does not work normally if the BIOS and CardBus controller on your PC do not detect the PCI-to-PCI Bridge and the PCI boards plugged on the expansion chasis. Check the CONTEC's Website for more information on the certifed PCs and supported OSs.