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Serial Communication - PC-HELPER Series -

8 Port Low Profile RS-232C Serial Boards

Contec for RS-232C / RS-422 / RS-485 serial communication boards

RS-232C/RS-422A/RS-485 are EIA (Electronic Industries Association) communication standards.Of these communication standards, RS-232C has been widely adopted in a variety of applications, and it is even standard equipment on computers and is often used to connect modems and mice.Sensors and actuators also contain these interfaces, many of which can be controlled via serial communication.

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8-port RS-232C Serial Communication Boards

New low profile-compliant interface boards which provide 8 RS-232C serial ports on space-saving computer!


USB-compatible RS-232C 4-port serial communication unit

USB 2.0 compatible.Presenting a new multi-port type which allows a 4 serial ports expansion with 1 unit.

Highly-reliable design with industrial specifications and a rich lineup

We have a rich variety of products in various bus specifications such as PCI Express/PCI/USB/PC card, communication standards, and the number of equipped ports.
We offer a lineup of products that you can freely select by application and PC environment.
We also carry isolated types that isolate the communication lines between channels and surge-protection types that are equipped with surge protection circuits on the communication lines.

Convert RS-232C/422/485 to wired LAN/wireless LAN! Media Converter Series

Media Converter Series

This series converts the RS-232C and RS-422A serial communication interface to wired LAN and wireless LAN.If you use a media converter, you can eliminate cable length restrictions from communication application design elements.

Compatible with 32-bit/64-bit Windows and Linux! Reliable operating system support

Windows 8

Contec's serial communication boards support 32-bit/64-bit Windows, Windows Server, plus Linux (with certain exceptions).

COM-DRV - standard COM driver (located on the COM SETUP DISK CD-ROM included with the product)

COM-DRV is driver software that allocates the serial communication device (PCI Express board/PCI board/USB module/PC card) as a standard operating system COM port.The COM ports can be set as desired from COM1 to COM256.

COM port numbers and communication settings in Windows are changed in Device Manager.Right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties" on the menu. Select the "Hardware" tab to run Device Manager.

Right-click the device and display its properties. On the "Port Settings" tab, you can change the communication settings.The COM port number can be changed in "Advanced".

Changing COM port settings in Device Manager
Standard operating system COM port
The Contec device is handled as a COM port by Windows in the same manner as a COM port on the computer itself, so peripherals and application software can be used by connecting them to the COM port.
Windows programming support
The standard Windows Win32 API communication functions (CreateFile(), WriteFile(), ReadFile(), SetCommState(), etc.), Visual Basic's communication control (MSComm), and the .NET Framework SerialPort class are supported.
Supported operating systems differ by device.
Linux programming support
(with certain exceptions)
Contec devices are compliant with the standard Linux tty driver and support serial port communication functions such as open(), close(), read(), write(), and others. * Supported operating systems differ by device.Please check here for the latest supported operating systems.

Complete line of accessories and cables

Accessories and cables

We offer a complete line of cables including high-quality crossover and straight cables with a double-shielded specification, cables that split into industry standard 9-pin D-sub and 25-pin D-sub connectors, and connector conversion cables (a portion of products are included as standard equipment).

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