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High-speed Digital I/O

High-speed Bi-directional Digital input/output Devices

CONTEC introduces PCI and PCI Express high-speed, bidirectional digital I/O boards. The DIO-32DM-PE and DIO-32DM(PCI) digital I/O devices offer high-throughput digital interface at 20 MHz (Max), most suitable for pattern sampling and signal generation, including testing radio-frequency parts and signal generator for simulation. The devices can also be used as an alternative to oscilloscope or signal generator.

The attached software includes sample programs for Windows/Linux API and a Windows tool that offers easy, programming-less pattern sampling and generating operation of digital signals.

DIO-32DM-PE for PCI Express

Bus Mastering 32 input/output lines


Bus Mastering 32 input/output lines

High-speed Digital Input and Output up to 20 MHz

Two independent bus mastering blocks enable engineers to set up simultaneous input and output operation, e.g. 16 input lines for sampling and 16 output lines for signal generating.

Selectable Digital I/O Line Configurations

With 32 high-speed (50 nsec. response time) digital I/O lines, the DIO-32DM-PE and DIO-32DM(PCI) offer selectable I/O line configuration; 32 output/input or 16/16 input & output. (DIO-32DM-PE 3.3VDC LVTTL, DIO-32DM(PCI) 5VDC TTL)

Externally Controllable I/O Lines

Multiple handshaking modes (REQ/ACK), start/stop and clock from an external source are supported.

In-sync Operation of up to 16 I/O Boards

With CONTEC's unique on-board in-sync connector, up to 16 compatible boards can be connected and operated in-sync.

Windows Software Tool for Programming-less Pattern Sampling & Signal Generation

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