Data Acquisition (DAQ), Measurement and Control

The PC-HELPER USB Series for Testing, Analysis & Communicating Systems


Easy installation & measurement with CONTEC's DAQ USB series!

USB I/O Unit the Y series - No cables necessary & Best for mobile measurement mobile tools.
USB I/O Unit the X series - Multi-channels I/O with mas connector & Operating similarly to PCI/PCI Express boards.
USB I/O Unit the N series - 35mm DIN rale mountable & Best for embedded remote I/O systems.

CONTEC Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Measurement Devices

A pioneer in PC-based measurement and data acquisition, CONTEC offers a full range of analog I/O devices featuring free data logger software that enables CONTEC devices to be used with your PC without programming. For MATLAB or LabVIEW users, a DAQ software library specifically designed for use with MATLAB and LabVIEW is also available at no cost.


Measuring instrument board, Covering from 10 kHz to 300 MHz – Network Analyzer

Downsizing and cost reduction of inspection system
When used with a Windows computer, this network analyzer, VNA-300M-PCI, is an automatic inspection system with outstanding cost performance. In addition, if you use an industrial computer that can be built in a small space, you can dramatically downsize the required space.

100MHz, High-speed, 2-channel Digitizer/Oscilloscope – a cTEST Component

cTEST comprises an array of products for developing low-cost, high-performance testing and inspection systems. The DIG-100M1002-PCI, part of the cTEST suite, is a high-speed, dual-channel digitizer board for PCI that can be used as an oscilloscope, wave pattern analyzer, and data logger. With the included application software, Front Panel and Mask Editor, you can readily set up an auto inspection system using the DIG-100M1002-PCI's wave pattern analyzer function, allowing you to replace conventional visual inspection processes with PC-based automated testing.

High-precision, 5 1/2-digit, Dual-channel Multimeter Board – a cTEST Component

Featuring 24-bit ΔΣ-type AD converters, the DMM-552-PCI multimeter board for PCI delivers dual-channel, simultaneous sampling capability at 1500SPS max and allows you to measure AC/DC voltage/current and resistance with up to 5 1/2-digits of precision. The DMM-552-PCI is a perfect choice for building a low-cost and compact PC-based testing/inspection system that helps to increase productivity by shortening inspection cycles. Up to 16 DMM-552-PCI devices can be synchronized using the onboard sync control connector, allowing you to develop software-independent, sophisticated, and real-time control systems.

CX-100n cTEST Controller with Synchronized Multi-signal I/O

Packed with rich I/O and functions, the CX-100n cTEST Controller replaces three separate inspection/control add-on boards with a single unit, saving space, energy, and costs in inspection and measurement systems. CONTEC's unique Signal Designer, a built-in hardware synchronization controller, enables you to control every event across the system, including start/end triggers of all signal I/O and sampling clocks, for real-time, synchronized processing. The Intel® Atom™ Processor N270-based CX-100n features a spindle-less and slitless design, eliminating maintenance and prolonging the device's lifecycle. The CX-100n provides twin bootable CompactFlash slots and comes with Windows Embedded Standard preinstalled.