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Embedded PC the BX-220 series

Quad-Core Atom

BOX-Computer BX220 seriesBOX-Computer the BX-220 series
  • Atom E3845
  • Fanless
  • Slit-less
  • RAS

The BX-220 series is a fanless embedded computer with Intel Atom processor E3845.

EPC-2000 for Embedded Systems

High Performance Compact

EPC-2000 Series embedded PCEPC-2000 Series embedded PC
  • Core i7/i5/Celeron
  • SandyBridge QM67
  • Expansion Slots
  • Intel Gigabit LAN

Built around Intel Core i7/i5 processor, EPC-2000 delivers superb performance and flexible expandability.


Mini tower model the EPC-2020 series

Available Build-to-Order Models

EPC-2020 seriesCustomizable PC EPC-2020 series
  • Core i7/i5/Celeron
  • SandyBridge QM67
  • Silent & Compact
  • Intel Gigabit LAN

EPC-2020 series has scalability in a compact chassis, and it is equipped with a silent cooling fan to be used in a quiet place such as hospitals.


Panel PC & Embedded PC

Touch-screen Panel PC

  • HMI
  • Touch Panel
Panel PC PT955Panel PC PT955
  • Smart Price
  • Touch Panel
  • Atom N270

60% Less price than earlier models. Atom N270-based PT955 is an all-in-one touchscreen panel PC for industrial use.

High-speed and High Expandability

  • FA Controller
  • Inspection system
BOX-Computer the BX-1000 seriesBOX-Computer the BX-1000 series
  • Core i7/Celeron
  • Fanless
  • Expansion slot
  • Intel Gigabit LAN

The BX-1000 series, features fanless design and four port USB3.0 using eco-friendly and high performance processor, Corei7-3517UE (1.70GHz) or Celeron 927UE (1.50GHz).

Quad-Core APU-Equipped

  • Signage Player
  • FA Monitoring
DS-380 Signage PlayerDS-380 Signage Player
  • Fanless
  • Slit-less
  • AMD R-452L
  • 2x DVI-I

This product is a signage STB that is equipped with a 1.6 GHz, R-452L AMD Embedded R-Series Quad-Core APU.


Slim & Compact Embedded PC

  • Security
  • FA Monitoring
BOX-Computer S seriesBOX-Computer the BX-S series
  • Atom D2550
  • Fanless
  • Super Slim
  • Small Footprint

Nicely fits into just 50mm opening. About A5 paper size, slim & compact design.

Palm-sized PC for DIN-rail Mount

  • Security
  • FA Controller
BOX-Computer BX300BOX-Computer BX300
  • ATOM Z530P
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • Fanless
  • 2x Gigabit LAN

Rich features packed into this palm-sized housing. With Atom Z530P processor, BX300’s fanless and HDD-less design assures a long lifetime and less maintenance burden.


Dual Displayable with Core i7

  • FA Controller
  • FA Monitoring
BOX-Computer BX961BOX-Computer the BX-961 series
  • Core i7
  • Fanless
  • Spindleless
  • 2x CFast slots

BX-961 series supports dual display with DVI using high-performance CPU Core i7, and it is compatible with a predecessor, the BX-960 series, in the size.

Embedded PC

ARM-based Embedded Controller

MC-300/310 Multi-controllerMC-300/310 Multi-controller

Power-saving, low-heat-generation multi-purpose controller for wide range of applications.




MELSEC-Q Compatible Win-PC

PPC-100 Windows CPU UnitPPC-100 Windows CPU Unit

PPC-100 is a Windows-based CPU unit fully compatible with MITSUBUSHI’s MELSEC-Q Sequencer.This product can work as the multiple CPU configuration with programmable controller CPU and it realizes the seam less processing of both controlling and computing.


Industrial Computers

Core i7-based High Availability Industrial PCs


Perfect choice for demanding applications like sophisticated image processing and hi-speed machine control. HDD mirroring and 80Plus power supply assures 24x7 availability and longer lifetime. BTO models are also available.


Unmatched Price-to-Value Ratio - Slim Industrial PCs


Rugged, high reliability and long lifetime design for round-the-clock demanding applications.

Unbeatable price-to-value ratio and full expandability with 3 PCI slots. Windows 7/XP pre-installed models and hardware RAID models are available.

Rackmount/Wall Mount Built-to-Order PCs

19-inch Rackmount/Wall Mount PCS

Solution e-PC BTO Industrial PCsSolution e-PC BTO Industrial PCs

Supporting a wide range of CPUs from Celeron to Sandy Bridge Core i7, the Solution e-PC is built with carefully selected industrial grade parts and components. Built-to-Order exactly to you requirements. Off-the-shelf standard models are also available.