Industrial LAN & Wireless

CONTEC Network products


Industrial Wireless Modules – FLEXLAN Series

CONTEC's FLEXLAN Wireless Series delivers secure, reliable, and high-speed wireless connections supporting IEEE802.11n/a/b/g/n and WPA2/WPA security protocols/certification. To ensure the highest security level across your wireless networks, hardware-based AES/AES-OCB and our proprietary WSL encryption algorithm are also supported.

CONTEC wireless modules are available in multiple form factors, including small footprint boards for embedded use, metal/plastic enclosures, and DIN rail-mountable housing. Our FLEXLAN Wireless Series is an ideal choice for embedded use in a variety of office/medical equipment, in-vehicle terminals, and industrial controllers, such as PLCs.

Industrial Switching Hubs

CONTEC industrial hubs are 8-port switching hubs with jumbo frames (9.6KB), AutoMDI/MDIX, auto negotiation, and an auto power saver that uses up to 80 percent less electricity by powering down unused ports. Featuring a compact metal housing that allows heat to escape easily and a fanless design, CONTEC switching hubs are perfect for use in quiet environments.

LAN-based Video Distribution Unit - FlexNetViewer HD

FlexNetViewer HD

The compact FlexNetViewer HD unit lets you send and receive video over LAN without a PC. With support for MPEG-4, FlexNetViewer HD lets you transfer high-quality HD video at a low cost and offers excellent system extensibility. Create your own video solution with excellent viewability and rich expression. FlexNetViewer HD offers effective video distribution with unprecedented usability.