Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Manufacturing Automation Solutions

A pioneer in PC-based measurement and control, CONTEC proudly offers over 400 add-on boards and other products that are compatible with a wide range of industrial sensors and actuators. CONTEC's years of experience in factory automation system design and development have made us a trusted provider of solutions for optimizing automated control, research and development, production processes, and maintenance.


Improving Efficiency and Productivity With Powerful and Cost-saving PC-based Add-on Boards

CONTEC brings the flexibility, expandability, and convenience of the PC to industrial automation systems with over 400 types of add-on boards for measurement and control, as well as dedicated controllers with optimized I/O functions.

Case Studies

Supporting Live TV Weather Forecasts with Remote-controlled Cameras

Yuasa Co., Ltd. (Okayama, Japan) delivers live local images during TV weather forecasts by means of cameras mounted on extendable, remote-controlled poles. Using CONTEC technology, the height of these poles can be controlled from any location, including the studio and broadcasting vans, allowing cameras to remain hidden when not in use and making the system an ideal choice for use in a wide variety of other monitoring applications.