Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is quickly replacing static displays in shopping malls, transportation terminals, and other public places where high impact information, advertising, and entertainment delivery is crucial to meeting business objectives. And for good reason: digital signage makes it easy to deliver dynamic and targeted audio/video content while providing superior return on investment compared to conventional promotional signs.

    • When high availability is required
    • Where space is at premium

    CONTEC industrial grade digital signage players install easily in tight spaces and provide high reliability performance year after year.

    Easy-to-install, Industrial Grade Digital Signage Players

    Ultra Low-profile 25mm Fanless Player with Full HD Video Output

    BX950 seriesBX950 series

    easyLiveScala Certified Player

    The BX950, built around the Intel® Core™ Duo Processor U2500, delivers full HD video playback with industrial grade performance and durability. Featuring a fanless and compact 25mm chassis, CONTEC's BX950-series embedded computer fits in gaps as small as 35mm.

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    Dustproof & Green Digital Signage Playerwith DVI Video Output

    BX955 seriesBX955 series

    easyLiveScala Certified Player

    With its unique dustproof enclosure, the BX955 performs reliably in even the harshest environments. The Intel® Atom™ Processor N270-based BX955 consumes only 18W of power, even under peak load, reducing utility costs and heat generation, and its small footprint and low-profile design makes it a perfect choice as a rear-mounted STB in a digital signage system.

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  • Easy-to-use Content Management Applications

    Digital Advertise by Daifuku Software Development

    The Windows-based Digital Advertise lets you create, deliver, and manage digital signage content and displays from an easy-to-use graphical interface. Digital Advertise, developed by Daifuku Software Development, a leader in material handling and industrial automation systems, offers a wealth of advanced features, including split-screen views and live tickers.

    Easy-to-use and Inexpensive Digital Messaging Software

    easyLive Scala© Designer by Scala, Inc.

    easyLive is an ASP service based on Scala© Designer, the world's number one digital signage software. Beginning with any of easyLive's array of templates, you can quickly customize text and images to create attractive informational and advertising displays.

    Content Management Tool for Miracle Visual Station

    EMPopMaker by Miracle Linux

    Miracle Visual Station, a digital signage player based on Embedded Miracle Linux, delivers full HD video playback using only 10% of the power of an Intel® Atom™ Z5xx class CPU. Specifically designed for Miracle Visual Station, EMPopMaker brings easy-to-use content management to this powerful digital signage software platform.

  • HD Video Delivery to Multiple Remote Displays via LAN

    FlexNetViewer HD display adapters make it easy to deliver full HD video to multiple remote displays with no degradation in image quality. Unlike DVI extenders and distributors, FlexNetViewer HD display adapters transmit signals as LAN packets, ensuring perfect fidelity across the network. FlexNetViewer HD display adapters are a perfect choice for building digital signage or remote monitoring systems that require extended video signal transmission.

    Full HD Video Distribution to Multiple Remote Displays

    FlexNetViewer HD display adapters are ideally suited for driving multiple large displays in transportation terminal or shopping mall digital signage systems. FlexNetViewer HD display adapters deliver video and audio over your existing LAN, allowing you to easily provide timely and targeted messaging, including HD promotional video and arrival/departure information, to customers throughout your facility.

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    Live Monitoring System Using Multiple Fixed-point Cameras

    With CONTEC's multi-camera live monitoring system, you can track real-time traffic volume at multiple locations simultaneously. Using your existing LAN, this easily scalable and economical solution transmits a composite signal in the form of digital packets, ensuring uniformly high quality audio and video in even the largest monitoring applications.

  • Tailor-made Digital Signage Solutions

    If you are looking for a digital signage solution customized for your unique application, CONTEC can help. Backed by over three decades of experience in hardware design and manufacturing and industrial system integration, our team is ready assist you every step of the way, from choosing set-top boxes, applications, and network services to complete system integration.

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