Test and Measurement Solutions

Testing & Measurement Solutions

A pioneer in PC-based measurement and control, CONTEC proudly offers over 400 add-on boards and other products that are compatible with a wide range of sensors and actuators. CONTEC's end-to-end test and measurement solutions also include packaged software for inspection systems and middleware components, controllers optimized for specific I/O devices, and turnkey system design.


Standardize Diversified Inspection Systems with Development Tools

cTEST® Studio is a packaged software solution for developing standardized, cost-saving, and efficient inspection systems. cTEST® Studio's easy-to-use interface allows even non-programmers to design full-featured inspection systems with functions such as dialogues and spreadsheets by simply registering and setting a series of inspection methods.

Flexible and Expandable PC-based Inspection and Measurement Systems

CONTEC brings the flexibility, expandability, and convenience of the PC to automation systems with over 400 types of add-in boards for measurement and control, as well as dedicated controllers with optimized I/O functions.

Case Studies

Improved Wire Harness Quality Control With “Cyber Tester” Automated Inspector

“Cyber Tester,” developed by Iwasaki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. using CONTEC's CTO-compatible controller, automates wire harness inspection, eliminating human error and ensuring a product of consistently high quality.