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CONTEC, a longtime leader in mission-critical automation products, offers a variety of solutions for embedded applications, including components for advanced medical instruments and test equipment. CONTEC also provides a wide range of products for use in medical building information delivery systems, such as in-house wireless networks and digital signage.


Amenity for Hospitalized Patients with Multi-function Bedside Information Terminal

Staying at the hospital is much different from normal activity, and it generates patient's stress, because of lack of information or amenities.
CONTEC's bedside information terminal may release their stress. Watching high-vision TV, Browsing internet, Information service of hospital and patient's vital signs that operates simultaneously with medical care system. This multi function bed side information terminal, the DIT series, reduces burden of medical staff, and improves amenity of your patients.

Bedside Information Terminal

Automated Hospital Reception Terminals and Automatic Medicine Dispensing and Testing Machines – Space & Cost Svers

CONTEC touch-panel PC's save space and costs in security devices and systems. From components to complete dedicated computers, CONTEC offers an array of solutions based on leading-edge technologies, including optimized signal I/O circuits and compact Internet appliances and production automation systems.

Touch Panel Computers

Embedded Computers

Data Acquisition (DAQ), Measurement and Control

Information Delivery in Waiting Rooms Using Digital Signage System

Information displayed by digital signage in hospital and pharmacy waiting areas receives considerable attention, making digital signage an excellent delivery vehicle for facility and policy information, as well as infectious disease prevention measures and healthcare tips. CONTEC offers a variety of highly reliable image delivery solutions that support both public relations and informational applications.

Digital Signage Solutions

Player (Embedded Computers)

Real-time Wireless Location Management for Staff and Equipment

CONTEC location management systems combine wireless LAN access points, Wi-Fi active tags, and Wi-Fi clients to provide real-time staff location tracking and status updates, plus medical instrument usage monitoring. This increases staff efficiency and patient satisfaction, and idle time for expensive medical equipment is reduced, improving ROI. CONTEC's wireless FLEXLAN® series corporate LAN, accredited by AeroScout, Inc., incorporates years of secure data communication and high-quality audio transmission know-how in a best-in-class location detection solution.

Embedded Wireless Modules

Case Studies

EMG Analysis System for Research, Therapy, and Performance Enhancement

BIMUTAS-Video, from Kissei Comtec Co., Ltd., is a powerful and easy-to-use EMG analysis solution for use in rehabilitation, sports training, ergonomics, physiology, orthopedics, welfare services, and preventive medicine. BIMUTAS-Video displays and analyzes biological signals, such those produced by EMG, and dynamic images from a digital video camera by synchronizing them offline. BIMUTAS-Video also enables online synchronized recording of analog signals from EMG and dynamic images by using VitalRecorder-Video, a recording program for dynamic images and waveform data.

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Wireless Communication with Dialyzers – Medical Instrument Wireless Network

Traditionally, a bedside dialyzer is connected to a host computer via LAN cable to collect information and to monitor operational status. Pairing dialyzers with CONTEC wireless data collection solutions eliminates cables on the floor and creates a safer environment for both patients and workers, in addition to cutting cabling cost and shortening installation time.

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Nursing Support system Using Wireless Barcode Scanners

This system obtains nursing history while checking information about patients and medications by using a barcode scanner with embedded wireless LAN. Previously, patient condition, treatment action, and other information gathered in patient rooms was afterwards entered at the nurse's station, increasing the risk of data entry error. Using this system, all data can be input on-site. As a result, patient medical data is instantaneously recorded in servers and can be shared throughout the hospital on a real-time basis, which helps to prevent medical malpractice and improves operational efficiency.

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Electronic chart System

Electronic charting is poised to revolutionize the practice of medicine, and CONTEC is leading the way with wireless LAN products that enable administrators to create robust, reliable, and scalable networks that provide secure access to patient records and improve the quality of care in medical environments.

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