Security Solutions

Security Solutions

CONTEC designs and manufactures reliable security solutions backed by our extensive experience in mission-critical automation. In addition to providing comprehensive support for system development, CONTEC offers a variety of components for products such as controlled devices necessary for IC cards and biometric identification, building automation, and crime prevention systems for retail stores.


Compact & Low-cost Terminals for IC Cards, Biometric Identification and Payment

CONTEC touch-panel PC's save space and costs in security devices and systems. From components to complete dedicated computers, CONTEC offers an array of solutions based on leading-edge technologies, including optimized signal I/O circuits and compact Internet appliances and production automation systems.

Case Studies

Reliable Security System Network

In addition to manufacturing and marketing security cameras and lenses, CBC Co., Ltd. develops networked security systems that include innovations such as GANZA Pro. GANZA PRO, a sophisticated video recording program for network cameras used in condos, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, data centers, and other security applications, uses CONTEC's FA PC VPC-1000 as the centerpiece of its security system.